When it comes to making a decision on which tow truck in Dandenong, Melbourne or nationwide to call, it’s usually happening at an exceptionally stressful time. Accidents and/or breakdowns can’t be expected, and when they do occur, the worst case scenarios about towing services usually flash in quick succession. Will the tow truck driver kidnap my vehicle and hold me to ransom? Am I safe to allow any tow truck near me to move my vehicle? What if I break down at 1 am – am I in for a night of camping under the stars until I can get a tow in the morning?

To ensure you’re prepared with the right knowledge of what to expect or what to prepare for, here are the most common tow truck myths, officially debunked for your peace of mind.

Tow trucks in Dandenong and nationwide are only available during normal operating times, right?

If you break down at 2am, don’t admit defeat and start to reconfigure your vehicle for a night of roadside camping. We won’t leave you stranded! It’s a common myth that towing services are only available in regular operating hours, thus leaving you in a real pickle should your vehicle fall on hard times when the sun sets or rises.

Rest assured, if you call Lion’s towing at 2am, 3am or 4am, there will be a friendly operator to answer the call. We offer 24/7 emergency towing services, so you can be sure a qualified operator is on the way – no matter when disaster strikes.

Tow truck companies circle accidents looking to thieve vehicles.

If you’re in an accident or unexpectedly need a tow after a breakdown, you might become paranoid that an underground tow truck will bluff their way into repossessing your car illegally. The anxiety spirals as the horror story told by a friend of a friend, of a cousin spring to mind, sending shivers down your spine as you clutch your keys in fear of kidnapping.

We’d be happy to debunk this one wide open for you. The chances of this happening are very slim. All legitimate and registered Tow trucks in Dandenong and nationwide work under very strict operating conditions. They most certainly cannot and will not come and thieve your car, bus or vehicle from right under your nose. The vast majority of tow companies like Lion Towing will only service vehicles that have been directly employed or engaged by the customer, their insurance provider or roadside assistance.

The odds of running into any unscrupulous towing companies are very slim, due to heavy industry regulation and policing. However, should the worst-case scenario arise and a suspicious, unidentified truck arrives on the scene of your accident or breakdown, it is good to be one step ahead.
To avoid any paranoia or unexpected hiccups when you most need a tow, we recommend you have the following prepared.

a) Have the details of reputable towing services on hand.

It can be hard to keep a level head in the midst of an accident or breakdown. Being prepared with the contact details of a legitimate company such as Lion Towing takes any guesswork out of knowing which company will arrive.

If you’re going through your auto-insurance provider, be certain to get the name of the towing services that they have engaged. The same goes for your roadside assistance provider, should they be the ones organising the tow.

Lion Towing

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b) ask for documentation – otherwise, you have the right to refuse.

Once you have absolute clarity on the name of the tow truck company that is on the way, wait only for that vehicle to arrive. Once the operator does pull in to the scene, they will not only have a truck with the matching name, but documentation to support them.

Should any other unsolicited tow trucks arrive without documentation from your arranged towing company, refuse their service.

If you have any doubt, or are still feeling uneasy, you can contact the police. Again, to reassure you, the likelihood of this scenario arising is slim. Legitimate towing services like Lion Towing work to identify these unscrupulous operators and report them, along with police being notified, to ensure that people in need of help aren’t being taken advantage of.

Be 100% sure and always have the details of a reputable tow truck in Dandenong on file, to ensure you and your vehicle are protected.

Only regular cars are equipped for towing – what on earth do I do if my bus breaks down?

If it’s got a motor, it might need a tow at some point. You never know when a limousine breakdown could throw a spanner in the works of a great party – so be prepared!

If your vehicle has more than 4 wheels or isn’t just a regular old passenger vehicle, it can still be towed by a reputable company. You won’t be left in the lurch to manhandle your vehicle to the nearest mechanic. Companies like Lion Towing can professionally offer:

  • Van towing
  • Bus towing
  • Limousine towing

And more.

Qualified and experienced tow truck operators are equipped and able to safely tow a wide variety of vehicles to a safe destination. By calling and informing the operators of the tow truck companies exactly what kind of vehicle you have, you can speed up the safe towing process, ensuring that your driver arrives equipped.

Got any more myths you’d like debunked? Contact our friendly representatives!

So now we’ve busted those common towing myths, you can rest assured that the next time you need reliable tow trucks in Dandenong and Melbourne, Lion Towing is here to help. For any vehicle of all shapes and sizes, even if you are in a tricky to reach location, we will do our utmost to get you back on the road as quickly and stress-free as possible.

Contact our friendly representatives if you have any other myths you would like debunked – they are more than happy to help!

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