Australian Bureau of Statics released a report confirming by the data of Census, 2016 that over 9.2 million Aussies commute to work and on average they travel 16.5 km to reach the workplace. The report also stated that 79% of them travelled by private vehicle. Usually, 240,000 commuters travel into Melbourne and approximately 49,000 from South Eastern Suburbs like Dandenong, Hallam etc.

The point, High traffic in Melbourne is pretty common. more traffic can cause more stress to vehicles, drivers and that can cause more Breakdown on the road. Regardless of whether you’re heading towards CBD, Visiting Mount Dandenong or Shopping in Chadstone.  It doesn’t matter where are you heading, there’s nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the road with a broken car.

Why do I need a service of a tow truck?

It’s entirely up to you to take a cover of Roadside assistance for your car, but it isn’t cheap as you all know. after paying all this time when you have to wait hours till Roadside assistance arrive and even after they arrive if they can’t fix your vehicle if you have to Tow it to your mechanic or nearest mechanic to fix it up with all these conditions of distance and all, what’s the whole point? 

Even if you have a Roadside assistance cover, Things like Flat Batteries and Flat Tyres can be fixed but the rest isn’t magically can’t be fixed. So again the option going into the assistance of the Tow Truck.

What Next?

It’s entirely your decision which tow truck service to call. Whoever you call, Tow truck drivers first priority should keep everyone safe, including you, passengers, your vehicle and the other motorists and pedestrians. So Heads up! It might be a good idea to take their advice, they are dealing with these situations almost every day and got a lot of experience handling the situation safe for everyone.

if you call Lion Towing : 0430 001 205, usually our respond time is less than half an hour and our experienced operators will make sure the safety of everything and everyone as it supposed to be. 

How much Tow Truck service cost you?

Lion Towing provides pretty economically Towing Service for you. Current standard fee published by Vic Roads ($221.40 for one-ff 8 km  callout in the ‘Melbourne Controlled Area’), we only charge $70. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff for an Obligation Free Quote.

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Vehicle Towing

  • Regular car towing
  • Performance car towing
  • 4wd towing
  • Truck towing
  • Break down towing
  • lost key car towing
  • missing wheel car towing
  • Van towing
  • bus towing
  • limousines towing

Machinery Transport

  • forklift towing
  • bobcat towing
  • excavator towing
  • scissor lift towing
  • boom lift towing
  • elevated work platforms towing
  • stock picker towing
  • generator towing
  • tractor towing
  • agricultural machine towing
  • lighting equipment towing
  • Signage transport
  • Traffic control units

Specialised Towing

  • Bogged vehicles
  • Off Road recovery service
  • 4WD Recovery service
  • 4×4 Recovery services
  • Portable toilets
  • Containers
  • portable sheds
  • Towable Buildings
  • Building supplies transport
  • mesh transport
  • Caravan towing
  • motorcycle towing
  • Boats towing
  • Trailers

Salvage Towing

  • Vehicles caught in water
  • Burnt out vehicles
  • Manheim Auction Towing
  • Pickels auction towing
  • Garys online auction towing

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