The number one way to avoid tow truck scams.

If you find yourself in need of a tow tow truck in Dandenong, Melbourne or nationwide, it’s often happening at an unexpected time. Without the knowledge or proper preparation, you could be handing your car over to a towing company that is more preoccupied with lining their own pockets than ensuring you and your vehicle are delivered safely to a pre-arranged repair shop.

Here at Lion Towing, we want to ensure you’re protected from the common tow truck scams that can see unexpected fees skyrocket, and wasted time spent trying to navigate your vehicle’s safe return. When you need a tow truck, you’re usually in a vulnerable position and deserve a safe and secure tow with 100% knowledge of where your vehicle is going.

There’s an unexpected tow truck in Dandenong that has arrived on the scene – should I trust them?

We’re sure you’ve heard the horror stories of massive fees and cars being towed to unknown locations, only to be held hostage until the ‘ransom’ is paid. If there’s an unnamed tow truck in Dandenong, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia that has arrived on the scene of your accident without your knowledge, then they may not be your best option.

In order to fully be prepared to avoid these scams, it is definitely beneficial to know how they operate. That way, you can be prepared if an unsolicited towing company arrives on the scene and offers their prompt, suspicious assistance.

If the accident has just occurred and you haven’t had time to call, be careful of what tow trucks arrive on the scene.

If you haven’t even had the chance to call anyone after your accident and a tow truck arrives on the scene, you should be wary. They have not been contacted or arranged by yourself, your insurance or roadside assistance, which means you can’t be sure who they are affiliated with or what their intentions are.

Towing companies can work with repair shops to get paid through referrals.

If an unknown tow truck vehemently insists on taking your vehicle to a certain repair shop, then by agreeing you might suddenly find yourself up for some hefty, inflated fees. You might have a tow truck in Dandenong arrive, but find your vehicle mysteriously appearing on the other side of Melbourne!

If successful, the towing company will get paid what’s known as a ‘referral fee’ from the mechanic. To cover the cost of the referral, the mechanic will then inflate your fee so they

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