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Summer is at the door, and that means the surrounding temperatures are on the rise, the heat not only affecting people but also the vehicles. If your car overheating, it’s not car trouble but it’s a sign that something is wrong, and if you ignore the issue you can be in line for major repairs. Let’s look at 6 common reasons why your car overheats and how you can fix the problem before it turns in to a bank-breaking bill.

The most common cause of engine overheating is a problem with your radiator. It can be caused by couple of reasons. Leaking radiator, clogs in the radiator fins or problems with the radiator fan. If you got any of these problems that mean heat can’t properly reduce and will cause the temperature to rise. If there are visual signs of any of these problems attend immediately.

2) Coolant Problems

As a start, check the coolant level. If the coolant level is alright, you can have problems with your coolant even if there isn’t a leak in the system. If your coolant is old or if you put the wrong coolant in your car, or if the coolant-to-water ratio is off, your engine may have problems transferring heat in the cooling system.

If you like to fix it yourself, try flushing the system and adding the proper mix as recommended by your owner’s manual.

How to quick flush your cars cooling system

3) A leak in the cooling system

This is one of the main reasons for engine overheating. If you get a leak in the head gasket, radiator, water pump, hoses, or thermostat housing, your engine wouldn’t be able to do what it supposed to do. If you can find the leak and if you are handy, you may be able to seal it by yourself. but it’s better to check it with a mechanic.

4) Blocked Hoses

If there’s no leak and the coolant is alright, the next thing you’ll want to check is coolant hose. Sometimes dirt can get into your coolant system and block the flow of fluid through your hoses. Flushing the system is once again the preferred course of action.

5) Broken Water Pump

Water pump propels engine coolant throughout your cooling system. Issues associated with the water pump can lead to an overheating engine. Common water pump problems include leaks, shifting of the pump shaft, or eroded impeller vanes.

6) Thermostat Malfunctioning

Thermostats are the watchdog of the engine’s cooling system, as they constantly monitor the temperature of the coolant and accurately regulate the coolant flow through the radiator to obtain and maintain the optimum engine operating temperature.

If you notice your car is overheating while driving

Turn the heater in your car, even though that makes the car atmosphere even hotter, this will help move hot air out of the engine compartment and will let you drive your car somewhere safer to stop.

If you are going to open the bonnet and check the engine Be Careful! it can be really hot and might be steaming.

if the engine is hot, Don’t pour cold water into the cooling system.

that’ll damage your engine.

If your car is drivable, bring it in to a trusty mechanic right away. Ignoring the problem can cause your engine system to fail, which can mean thousands of dollars in repairs!

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